mandag 5. september 2011

Useful Android apps

I gave up on my Nokia N95 after having replaced three displays. Maybe there was a reason replacement displays could be bought for 10$ including shipping from Hong Kong.

Here are the Android Apps I find especially useful:

  • Audio Manager - gives you a quick overview of what audio is on - useful if you want to be really sure your phone is silent...
  • CalWidget - the best calendar widget I've found synchronising with Google calendar.
  • Touch Calendar - if you need to search your calendar
  • GTasks - same thing for Google tasks.
  • HIIT interval training timer - the name speaks for itself.
  • Listen - Listen to podcasts.
  • RealCalc - scientific calculator
  • Scandinavian keyboard
  • Silent Toggle Widget - easy to change beetween ringing, vibrating and silent phone
  • SplitTheTab - If you miss ExpenseSharer :D
  • Spotify
  • Stopwatch & timer
  • Storage analyser - if you're wondering what is filling up your memory card
  • Speed anatomy - if you want to become a doctor...
  • Push ups - push you to take push ups (there is a sit ups app too:)
  • JEFIT - extensive list of exercises to become Arnold look alike
  • IMDB - International Movie Data Base
  • Alarm - get up in the morning
  • Astro - file manager
  • GMail
  • Toggle Data - make sure your GPRS connection is off abroad.

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