lørdag 19. juni 2010

Google calendar - N95 calendar sync

Google supports synchronising of your Google Calendar with Nokia N95. However, only your personal calendar is synchronised. To synchronise several calendars you have to use a third party application. I ended up with the following solution:
  • I synchronise the Google calendars with ICal on my Mac. Instead of using "delegates" to synchronise the different calendars, I set up one configuration entry for each calendar. The reason for doing this is that it is not possible to add entries in a delegate calendar in ICal.
  • I use ISync to transfer ICal to N95.
  • Entries created on the mobile phone cannot be added to a calendar that is synchronised with Google. I have created a calendar in ICal that receives these entries.
  • To make the entries created on the mobile phone appear in the Google calendar, I use GCalDaemon.
  • GCalDaemon reported the following error message when I tried to synchronise recurrings events: "Entry can not contain both gd:when and gd:recurrence elements". I found this thread addressing the problem.
  • I opened GCalDaemon in the Eclipse classic development environment as explained here. However, the project would not compile because I could not localise wrapper.jar. It turned out I had to download it from here.
  • Now, after having made the change in the code as describe in the thread above, the error messages disappeared, and I finally had my mobile synchronise with mye Google calendar.

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